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Borough of Camden

The Borough of Camden is a local authority, within inner London in the UK, with a total population of 270,000. Whenever lockdown restrictions allowed, Care Visions Healthy Ageing was offering free community group therapy sessions every day of the week in Camden. Group therapy was used as a way to boost social interaction, while participating in activities and therapies was designed to alleviate the symptoms of dementia. All the sessions were run by our highly-trained team of local residents and professional therapists in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. Camden has a diverse range of ethnicities, with a large number of residents over 65 not born in the UK and therefore having different experiences and backgrounds. Dementia can affect a person’s identity by stripping away memories that were unique to their sense of self. In a multicultural setting, where participants are distanced from their country of origin, the sense of loss is compounded by an environment in which people may look, speak and behave differently to them. We believe person-centred care must be part of the answer, so we work with their families and friends to build on their personal and cultural identity. Linked to our work in Camden, our article on meeting the psychological needs in multicultural groups can be found here.

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