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We shift the debate on healthy ageing and dementia to create the solutions that generate change today


Our entire approach is non-pharmacological. We harness research and evidence as springboards for innovation, bringing forward the future possibilities for healthy ageing and dementia, making them real.   We've been described as thought-leading but, crucially, we're also action-leading. We deliver real, tangible projects: from working with leading architects on integrated communities of the future in the UK & China, to our research publications, partnerships and launching our online healthy ageing platform Goldster, which quickly amassed 12,000 users in pilot form.


A key piece of knowledge we brought with us is that research theory often lacks the systematic tools and evidence-based approaches that can help create a real difference in the real world. At Care Visions Healthy Ageing, all our projects, services and therapies are designed to offer the best possible benefit supported by evidence. And in the case of dementia, we are pioneers of the SCIP (Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway). It has been peer-reviewed by over 100 global experts in dementia. However, our research and applied learnings don’t stand still and the SCIP is constantly being updated and adapted, as we gain more insight and evidence.


Our core belief is that more effective solutions are person-centred and holistic in approach. Our approaches are always therapeutically based, keeping the individuals and families needs, wants and aspirations at the forefront, never losing sight of their goal. The methodology is on the individual and what they can do, supporting them and empowering them to their path on their terms. This approach has helped many people engage in our therapeutic programmes in China and the UK.



Our team brings together people of multi-disciplinary skills and expertise, spread around the globe. Our approach is very much can-do, action-orientated and fundamentally collaborative. We have solid, ongoing relationships with organisations like the International Federation on Ageing, the Global Ageing Network and The University of Tasmania in Australia, whose Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre is regarded as one of the most advanced in the world.


We went to China early in our journey, as we believed it would enable us to accelerate our learning and our ability to create solutions. Care Visions China (CVC) was formally established in 2015 and was finalist for Exporter of the Year in 2020 by the Chinese British Business Council and Innovation of the Year in the Ageing Asia Awards. CVC also launched a series of online videos programs and remote counselling services during Covid-19, to help institutions and families benefit from their knowledge and activities. Fact: China will move from an 'aging' society to an 'aged' society in 25 years.

Care Visions Healthy Ageing Timeline

Started programmes for people living with dementia in China

Rolled out programmes to communities, care providers and hospitals in China.

Developed the Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway (SCIP), a decision-support tool based on mapped evidence of non-pharma interventions, for people with dementia.

Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway gets peer-reviewed by over 100 global experts.

Started delivering grouped programmes for people living with dementia in the UK.

Started Care Visions Healthy Aging YouTube Channel and provided free healthy ageing classes to as many people as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched Goldster, bringing the evidence-based benefits of healthy ageing activities right into your home.

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