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Goldster is the new frontier of healthy ageing. Around the world, more people are living to 100 and further.

We’ve reached a point where the term ‘old age’ needs to be positively redefined. And that’s where Goldster comes in.

What makes Goldster unique is the science and research behind it, which backs up what we refer to as informed activities. It’s been designed by an international team of experts in healthy ageing.

It is all about the experience, engagement, participation and positive influence of changing your health and wellness today. 

Through this new medium of participative wellness, you choose how fast or slow.

''Our research shows that the desire for healthy ageing isn’t matched by the understanding or means for how to do it''.

That's why we created Goldster, because we wanted to positively redefine what being older can be. We created a unique solution of diverse, stimulating and fun live classes online, all researched, designed and run by experts. In our 12 week pilot, we had 12,000 people every week wanting to make a positive change to their healthy ageing.

Goldster has now gone from pilot to full UK launch. It will deliver 200+ live classes a month, all specifically aimed at helping the three areas proven to promote healthy ageing: cognitive, physical and emotional. (Or as we like to define them to Goldsters - mind, body and soul.)


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