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NASA would never have put a man on the moon, or the Perseverance Rover on Mars, if they had just seen it as a challenge for rocket scientists. Instead, they looked at it as a way to overcome incredibly complex problems, using a multi-disciplined, highly-skilled team collaborating to find new insights and create solutions. We approach the challenges of healthy ageing and dementia with a similar mindset and zeal.

At its core, Care Visions Healthy Ageing is a unique set of individuals with diverse skills and expertise but who all share common goals. What we're tackling is a difficult task, so we need a team who are formidable and passionate in what they're trying to achieve but not singular in how they want to achieve it.

People who are evidence-based, with open minds. People who are capable of redefining possibilities and collaborating with our ever-expanding list of partners to make things happen.


One of the key ways we're able to bring forward future possibilities for healthy ageing and dementia is by engaging in commercial and academic partnerships. We're always looking for fresh perspectives, specialist skills, unique resources and progressive connections. By so doing, we believe we can create better outcomes, for both people and organisations, in our delivery of non-pharmacological programmes for healthy ageing and dementia.


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