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Managing Director

Mark McClean Carter


Mark has a great track record for delivering several revolutionary outcome-driven models of healthcare in Australia, Singapore and China. For Care Visions UK and China, he's developed and delivered our innovative approach to the management of dementia and healthy ageing community programmes. (See also Future Communities) Mark has also been a driving force in making Goldster, our online healthy ageing platform in the UK, come to life. He is at the edge of innovation in this field and is known as an innovative partner in think-tanks and action leadership groups. He's also a calm disruptor of the preconceptions for what a solution might be. He began his career as a Registered Nurse in Australia and has since worked within emergency care, geriatrics and general medicine. His significant focus was on innovative care for the elderly in hospitals and senior care facilities, as well as in community and home-based care programmes. Mark holds an MBA, Master of Health Services Management, Master of Advanced Practice and Bachelor of Nursing, while also being a Clinical Associate of the University of Tasmania School of Medicine and Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Executives. Mark is a published academic with 5 papers in the last 2 years. If you'd like to, you can read them here.

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