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Pioneering in China

First Systematic Pathway for Non Drug Treatment of Dementia

Launched World's First Preventing Dementia Course in Beijing 2017

Finalist Exporter of Year By Chinese British Business Council 2020

Finalist 8th Elder Awards 2020 - Innovation of the Year



China has the most accelerated need to find and provide solutions to both healthy ageing and dementia because it will move from an ageing society to an aged society in 25 years. Care Visions Healthy Ageing went to China as early as 2013 to advance our research, innovations and ability to create solutions.

Care Visions China (CVC) is China’s first Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WOFE) home healthcare company. CVC has become a leader in non-drug intervention therapy effectively managing dementia and supporting healthy ageing in China. Our unique Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway for dementia (SCIP) was developed in China

We’ve delivered dementia care programmes to over a thousand families, as well as hundreds of groups, community centres, nursing homes and hospitals. The dementia care training programmes we developed in China are accredited and recognised by the Alzheimer Society American US (the leading Alzheimer body in the world for disease progression). Care Visions China is now probably China’s most sort after commentator on healthy ageing and dementia.

Our Mission

Care Visions Healthy Ageing’s journey started with Care Visions China. We saw it as the fastest way to create change in dementia for the world.


To apply the systematic, proven method of delivering non-drug approaches to as many people in the world as possible.

We wanted to mobilise, empower and support families living with the disease, to help deliver the best quality of life at the most reduced cost to society.

Because Care Visions is pioneering in China...

We moved significantly ahead in creating the worldwide knowledge base in non-drug treatments of dementia

We mapped these brain symptoms and aligned therapies to address each area of brain degradation accordingly, via the creation of the Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway (SCIP), which is now underpinned by 100 peer reviews in 23 countries. 


The recognised voice in healthy ageing and dementia, spearheading thought leadership at not just a practical but also a policy level.

Developing deep relationships with the UK Trade and Investment, Australia Chamber of Commerce and the China British Business Council.

Developing collaborations with local and international leading organisations, such as Buurtzorg Nursing, Hong Kong Land, Qinghau University Hospital and China Central Television.


Care Visions China have solidified its position as the thought leaders in healthy ageing and dementia within China.

We are regularly sought after as commentators and leading voices for bilateral work on the integration of dementia and healthy ageing services into China and in the UK.  

As a result , Care Visions China have presented programs across a range a national mediums such as CCTV (China Central TV), mainstream digital media with one piece with exposure reaching 1 million people within 96 hours of publication.  

We are key requested speakers at leading universities, summits, symposiums and conferences for both the private and public sector. A short list of some of the events are detailed below.

China Aged Care Expo

United Kingdom Health Expo

Aged Care Symposium

Dementia Friends Event National Launch

China British Business Council Dementia Workshops

 Australian Chamber of Commerce Dementia Workshop

Peking University

Channel 2 News in Australia

NHS Presentation - Newcastle

Tianjin Health Innovation Care Forum

China Community Pension Care Expo

Lecture Series at CITIC Health Care Centers

Health Care Investor Conference

China Social Work Summit

China Aid Dementia Awareness and Dementia Friend Symposium

Chinese Social Work Steering Group

China Senior Care and Health Summit

China Senior Pension Care Summit

China Dementia China Aid Forum

North East China Doctors Health Symposium

Preventing Dementia MOOC

China Central Television Series

ADI conference

China International Health Tourism Expo

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