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Hangzhou Integrated Health Hub

The need for new solutions for ageing communities are at the heart of the Hangzhou Health & Wellness Hub. Our approach is to:

  1. Link Generations, Families and Friends
  2. Provide a holistic health and community service interface that satisfies the need for the ageing process.
  3. Centralize through CVHA the provision of support, from wellness services of the early retired, independent living to memory care and home care to respite and full nursing care.
  4. Provide specialist ageing program all the community’s residents,
  5. Maintaining a quality of life which only a community can provide

Though currently delayed due to COVID-19, Care Visions Healthy Ageing is part of a consortium to create China’s first integrated health hub at Hangzhou. This would be built to the vision of providing holistic health and community services that satisfy the needs of each stage of ageing. Family residential homes sit alongside retirement apartments and kindergartens sit alongside buildings that embrace wellness and health. 

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