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Group therapy is a great way to boost social interaction while participating in activities and therapies designed to alleviate the symptoms of dementia.

All our sessions are run by a highly-trained team of local residents and professional therapists in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

In 2019, we delivered a community program to provide group and individual therapeutic activity sessions.  These sessions were designed as non-pharmacological interventions to help older people age well by maintaining physical, cognitive and mental well-being. These were delivered free of charge and we managed six sessions a week across five different locations.

In partnership with the Borough of Camden in central London and subject to COVID-19 restrictions, we ran community group therapy sessions every day of the week in the borough. Equally, in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, we ran a successful six week pilot project, assessing the efficacy of online delivery to small, closed groups in the Highlands and Islands.

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