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Dr. Zara Quail

Dr. Zara Quail leads our clinical, scientific, research process. With over a decade of considerable expertise, she combines her passion for developing evidence-based, decision-support approaches with her own experiences in clinical workflow. Zara is a practising medical doctor, a committed researcher and a published writer. Her case studies and peer-reviewed papers focus on non-pharmacological interventions for people and their carers living with dementia. Her expertise in clinical decision-support tools and systems is matched by her interest and experience of chronic disease management and prevention. She's also an advocate of the potential use of digital and mobile to enable health and social care provision. Zara has worked as a general practitioner in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Ireland. She is a registered member of the General Medical Council (UK), the Medical Council of Ireland, the Health Professions Council of South Africa, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the British Menopause Society. She is a University Associate of the Wicking Dementia Research Education Centre at the University of Tasmania. You can read her recent co-authored papers here and watch her insight videos here

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